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User Agreements

This agreement covers the website at or referenced by and/or This agreement applies to all parties involved in the use and creation of this site, its parent, and its subsidiaries.

The administrators reserve the right to change or modify this agreement as necessary, and are not required to notify users individually. The effective date of this and all future agreements is and will be the posted date of this page.

Jo Allen's sellOnline TM, Jo Allen,, and all subsidiaries and partners are collectively referred to as ‘the administrators’, ‘administrators’, and/or simply ‘admin’, for the course of this agreement and the website and information this agreement covers.

The administrators accept no responsibility for errors in any advertisement on the following pages.

The information shown is the information provided by the party or parties who submitted the advertisement. Any information seen in a placed listing (defined as “listing” and/or “listings” or variously punctuated and/or capitalized versions of either) or as a part, partner, or subsidiary to it is solely the responsibility of the listing entity.

All listings are guaranteed to be posted for at least 90 days following the date the listing first appears. The administrators accept no responsibility for duration of the posting(s) other than the 90 day guarantee. Any listings requested removed by their originating party or parties prior to the ninety-first day will be done so as the opportunity arises for the administrators to do so.

Free listings as defined in the price guide are free and will remain free. Paid listings will follow the price guide. No listing may be resold for any reason.

The administrators reserve the right to deny listings that fall under, but are not limited to, the following categories:

Note that the users of this site agree that any illegal activities resulting from this site are ultimately the participating party and/or parties’ responsibilities. This site does not promote or condone illegal and immoral activities of any kind.

Free listings will be posted as the opportunity arises. Paid listings will be either posted, cancelled, or refused within 30 calendar days. All paid listings must include a signed order form prior to their first appearance. Orders without signed order forms will be summarily ignored and returned to sender. Paid listings that are refused will incur no charges other than return postage. All paid listings are entitled to a refund minus return postage prior to the initial appearance.

Paid listings can be cancelled prior to the initial appearance. In the case of cancellation by mail, the effective date for notification of cancellation is the date of the postmark. In the case of e-mail notification, the affective date for cancellation of notification is the date received as recorded by the administrators e-mail client(s). Removal of listings after their initial appearance does not warrant any compensation, nor any pro-rated refund.

If any portion of this agreement is found to be null and void, the remaining sections still apply.

I agree to these conditions and would like to continue to the site.

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