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Past News

Story ending 6/28/09

Our next book will be America: Impressions of these United States. The intended size is 8.5x 11 inches, and the target length is in excess of 150 pages. The intended date for printing is 2011 or earlier. In a departure from our first application, we will be accepting writing (including poems), and the cost of submission will be US $5 per individual submission, with a maximum of 5 per person. As always, vulgar, offensive, and/or otherwise inappropriate items will not be chosen (and Jo Allen Publishing, LLC reserves the right to determine what constitutes this).

The subject matter is intended to be as open as possible; anything from armed forces art to poems about U.S. history to photos of fields in the Midwest will be considered. Also remember Americana and great American crafting traditions. The subject also extends to historical. Don’t be afraid to represent a dark period in America’s past or present, as we all can learn from our failures more than our triumphs.

We would like to include as many artists, artisans, and writers as possible. Additional volumes may be considered. Also, we review each individual work; there is the possibility of multiple selections from the same submitter. Remember, you don’t have to be a professional to be considered. Everyone has an equal chance of being published!

If you are accepted for publication, you will receive one free copy of the book.

To download the submission document, visit the applications page.

Story ending 9/13/08

66: Impressions and Reflections is here and we're taking orders! Go to the store for an order form.

Contributing artists watch your mail.

Story ending 4/11/08

The proof for 66: Impressions and Reflections has been approved! We have been given a March 2008 printing date for the books.

Story ending 3/10/08

66: Impressions and Reflections is off to the presses!

We are patiently awaiting the proof.

Story ending 2/9/08

We are reviewing quotes we requested from printing and binding services. In the meantime we have printed test pages at a local low-volume shop, and the design has printed as expected (only a few minor changes needed).

The title of the book is 66: Impressions and Reflections.

The ISBN-13 will be 978-0-9802325-0-9.

The ISBN-10 will be 0-9802325-0-3.

Our ISBNs are real and registered through the only authorized U.S. ISBN agency: Bowker.

Story ending 1/1/08

The book is progressing nicely. Thanks again to all the artists for their contributions. More information will be posted as we near completion of the book.

Jo Allen Publishing

Story ending 09/19/07

I want to thank all of you that were so kind as to send in submissions. All of us culturally need the artist community, and it will be a privilege to publish this book.

The following artists had artwork chosen for representation in the upcoming Route 66 book. Congratulations!

Story ending 01/25/07

We welcome early submissions!

Submitting your entries early will not hinder you in the jury process. The juror will be reviewing each submission individually and thoroughly after the deadline. Thank you to those artists who have already submitted.

Be assured that all entries, whether submitted early or on the deadline, will have equal opportunity during the jury selection process.

Story ending 01/07/07

We have received a few questions about the "brief description of where the artwork is depicted on Route 66 or what aspect of Route 66 the work depicts" from Part II of the submission form.

If you have a story to tell, that's great! If you only have a few words, that's fine too!

We are only asking you to provide (at a minimum) a few words about your artwork. Following are a few examples:

The description is only background information for us here at Jo Allen Publishing. Your entry will NOT be judged on the description section of your entry. Say a little, say a lot, either way is fine.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Story ending 11/25/06

We were notified this past week that our UPS mail service is moving to a new location a few blocks away from where it currently is on December 26, 2006. All mail being sent to the old address (Troy Rd.) WILL BE forwarded to the new address.

I would like to ask all of those who have not yet mailed their entries to please do so at the new address, found on the "Contact Us" page. Again, entries already mailed WILL BE FORWARDED to our new mailing address through February 1, 2007. If you are in any way concerned about an entry you have already mailed, contact us via e-mail, and be sure to give us the name and address on your entry so we know which one you're asking about.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Story ending 11/18/06

We at Jo Allen are proud to announce the launch of Jo Allen Publishing.

Jo Allen Publishing is dedicated to creating interesting and informative printed works for your enjoyment. We strive to produce top-quality works while giving everyone a chance at seeing their own creations in print. No one should be denied access to recognition for their works based on any reason, including recognition they may or may not have. Jo Allen Publishing is seeking to offer the opportunity based not on who you know or who knows you, but instead seeks to reward the experienced and inexperienced authors and artists the same opportunities for success.

Thank you for visiting our site. Check for upcoming opportunities.

The Jo Allen signature at the upper left is a return link to Central.

Jo Allen Publishing. Your Path. Our Imagination.

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