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Privacy Policy

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A Simple Policy

Our Privacy Policy here at Jo Allen Publishing is simple. We don't give away or sell your information.

The only genuine contacts you will receive as a result of engaging in any communications with Jo Allen Publishing, LLC will be notices, notes, announcements and the like directly from us, and never without your approval. We may forward to you information guaranteed to be personally reviewed by the staff at Jo Allen Publishing, LLC, but we will never sell your name to anyone or post it on a list for anyone to view. The only people to see your information will be the staff at Jo Allen Publishing, LLC, unless we are lawfully required to disclose the information. Similarly, the only information others will receive about you (from us, of course) is limited to the that which you expressly (via signature or multi-step, secure and verified signup procedure) authorize. Otherwise, your information is not public knowledge and will only be shared if we are presented with proper legal documents requiring its release.

We will only publish contact information in a book if you specifically provide public contact information for that purpose.

If you suspect anyone is breaking this agreement, or if you suspect false or misleading information is being distributed under either Jo Allen or Jo Allen Publishing, LLC, please contact us via our email address, which is

Revisit this page periodically to review the most up to date agreement. This agreement is subject to to change, provided that change does not cause unnecessary personal information releases, and also provided that change prevents all information sales.

Jo Allen Publishing. Your Path. Our Imagination.

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